I hate my nose my pale skin my eyelashes are so thin my hair line is low I hate the shape of my fat round face my lips are thin eurgh
foreverbellaalone foreverbellaalone
22-25, F
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Stahp. You're one of the prettiest people I've seen on this website

Hi why? Do you not know that you the way you are which makes you unique, i see nothing wrong with your nose or your eyes, Do not look at yourself from the outside looking at the outside of yourself, rather from within look out. Share the beautiful things within yourself to the world in which you experience. Let the love within accentuate your world

And yes i do think you are pretty :)

Okay well I'm just gonna go cry in my hole.

Why are you going to cry in a hole?

I'm sad.

Why are you sad. 😔

The fact that you think you're ugly is quite frustrating because you're gorgeous.

Oh well thank you but I see ugly

Stop it.

It's hard to believe something you don't see

Just accept the fact that you're attractive.

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