The Ugly Twin!

I hate my self! i can never feel 100% happy. im only 16 and cannot find happiness. It sucks having a sister who EVERYONE thinks is hot, ecpeically if shes your twin. Im so much fatter and uglier than her, and she never lets me forget it. Anyone i had ever had a crush on had ended using me to get to my sister. I have friends who only talk to me for her. I hate this! She's so mean to me all the time...i can never feel pretty. And it dosnt really help when ALL your friends are prettier and skinner than you. 

     You know that girl who is beyond hot, well im her fat best friend. I just want to be confident and happy. My friends don't see this. Iam too afraid to try, the one day i tried to "pretty" myself up, some guy yelled out "your not hot, your ugly" (something like that) in the cafeteria, and all i could do was pertend like i didnt hear it...

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. we are all beautiful, unique and special in our own ways. oh yeah by the way, who ever decided what beauty is? magazines and t.v.. how moronic :)

Well, I bet you're not ugly at all; and there isn't just one standard of beauty in the world! But if you want to look different, YOU CAN. Don't put yourself down or think you can't reach goals if you want to change something about yourself. You can do it! Don't let anyone tell you you can't, and don't worry about what others think. What YOU think is the only thing that matters; if you have self-respect and self-esteem, others will take care of themselves, too.

Thats you think that you are ugly.. but we did not think like you .. you are so beautiful.. wish you can see yourself with our eyes.. turst me u r so good looking and sweet and cute.. with kind heart..<br />
<br />
best of lukc

I reckon In years to come you will find out that there were times when your twin felt s totally flawed & unlikable standing next to you ,She is jealous and doesn't want to share any positive attention from friends with you and that ( I Believe)is the true reason why she is so mean to you....Well someday...not to far off out side of"school culture " out in the real world people will see her meaner qualities for what they are..selfish and ugly And you will be out of her shadow. . <br />
I reckon Start by leaving any social group shes in ..if you can go out on your own even with only one other friend...You will be miles ahead of her then and on the road to freedom .<br />
We (all humans ) have all felt like your describing at some time twin or not. Your trapped inside your longing and pain to escape your self must go on a journey to discover who YOU are .<br />
Get yourself removed from the comparison to your twin..<br />
<br />
It seems obvious but when we want desperately to belong and have what others have already .<br />
we accept all sorts of damaging alliances with dangerously self absorbed dickheads!<br />
Find a radical new path... And then keep on going <br />
One day you will be far away from them with adult friends who will like you for you and Boys who WILL think your the best catch..the whole world will not operate the same when you grow up so hang in there...<br />
your future Angels are watching over you..Find another road and then you will find your true beauty emerging..<br />
Say hello to your future self ,.wish her well and let her know what you will create for her from your dreams

Hey..Take a minute and take deep Breath.<br />
<br />
.....Ask yourself.......<br />
<br />
....Take a Small Walk alone.....<br />
<br />
....Follow your Soul......<br />
<br />
...You will find the Answer......<br />
<br />
....Let me know,How you feel.....