Never Good Enough!

I am a 29 year old mother of 3. I have never felt good about myself or my looks. Alot of people say that I am pretty but when I look at myself all I can see is my big nose, crooked smile...all my flaws. I look like a man i all my pics. I get very jealous in relatonships because i feel he will find someone prettier.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

You can't look that bad since you have three children. Give yourself some credit! You have low self image and being jealous is a part of that. If you can gain more confidence you'd feel better about yourself. I'm all screwed up. My hair has fallen out and I'm bald over half of my head, (I have worn hats turned backwards and scarves and wigs sometimes), my teeth are yellow from medication that's stained them permanently, I'm fat, blind in one eye with the bubble from the surgery to save my remaining sight making my eye buldge, I wear thick glasses, I have a scar on my eyebrow from when I was beaten on by my ex-husband, my body is riddled with arthritis and I have this limp gimp thing going when I walk and girlfriend I work it. I get "bothered" all the time! I'm an old duck and I have these young boys coming up to me and I tell them I am old enough to be their mother. Most of them don't care and do the "age ain't but a number" line and I say that's what all young people say cause they ARE young. My point is YOU are what you present yourself to be. Even with all of my physical issues I carry myself with confidence and don't care about who thinks I look good. I know that I am happy with how I am and that's what matters to me. You should see how baggy and saggy I dress. It's my so what attitude that attracts the fellas. I don't bite when they fish and I don't TRY to be attractive and that makes me attractive to some men. LIGHTEN UP and appreciate your good health and bring your children up in safety and help them have self confidence and self esteem and that starts WITH YOU!

I know exactly how you feel but you just have to keep telling yourself that the reason he's with you is because you've got something the tohers don't. Girl if you can't love yourself and how you look, how are you going to teach your children to love themselves and how they look. By the way I am a 27 year old mothe of three and I keep telling myself everyday i wake up THANK YOU JESUS FOR LETTING ME BESTOW MY BEAUTY ON THE WORLD ONE MORE DAY. Try it some time.