When i was about 6 - 13  i was bullied because of the way i loooked ..

i used to be quiet big for my age

and even though i have lost that weight now  i am older  ( size 8 ) and i do not get bullied anymore

i still can't stand the thought of people looking at me.. i have no self confidense and i often just brake down in the mirror at what is staring back at me. i feel so bad all the time

JordannMarie JordannMarie
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I was the fat kid all of my school life, nobody ever picked on me that much but you can always feel the eyes. I lost alot of the weight but still cant think of myself as anything but the fat kid. And to add to what everyone else as said, you might have been a chubby kid at one time but you did grow into a beautiful women.

i know exactly how you feel!! when i was in school, i got teased by a group of girls, who said that i was ugly, and they made me feel ugly, and as a result, i have no confidence in myself whatsoever!! its been about 12 years or so since it stopped, and i have never had a girlfriend or nothing, cos although the teasing stopped, the mental scars have not healed, and in the process, ive always found it difficult to talk to women, and ive never had it in me to ask a woman out, cos i always get these flashbacks!! i have even been asked out by girls once or twice, and im ashamed to admit that i turned them down, not cos i didnt like them, but cos of the teasing by these girls 12 years ago, and i got flashbacks!!! you are a good looking girl, really good looking girl!!! beautifull!!! i just hope you can overcome your lack of confidence a lot sooner than its taking me, but its easier said than done!!! take care xxx

Don't feel bad at all. You have grown to be a beautiful person, so don't ever think less of yourself.

What are you talking about??? If that's you in your avatar, you are FAR from ugly!