Ugh. Am I Ugly?

everyone says im not ugly. they say im SO PRETTY.

but, whenever i look in the mirror, i see a frickin ugly girl who needs to lose like, 20 lbs! i dont, but i feel like i need to.

i have an eating disorder, and cut myself. So, yea. i have psychiatric problems. im on prozac. so yea.

i need to know if i am or not. tell me how i should change.

i REALLY think i need to. in every way.

cokezebno cokezebno
18-21, F
16 Responses Aug 18, 2007

What the hell, you look terrific, and you probably don't need to lose any weight.

I am really sorry about your eating disorder. Have to talked to anyone about your cutting? A counselor or a trusted friend? Like you, I struggle with physiological problems: I feel fat, but I am actually underweight for my height and age. I constantly look in the mirror at myself and say, "imperfect"--because that is all I can think to say. That word basically describes me! The other physiological issue I struggle with is self-harm. I cut, and actually...(you might understand) it helps! Sounds weird, but it truly does counter my emotional issues.<br />
I love God, and I try to follow His commands, but sometimes life is SOO overwhelming!<br />
I use music to cope--I play guitar and I sing, too.<br />
How is prozac working for you?<br />
I was debated to be put on it.... :-(<br />
If you need to talk, I am here.<br />
Remember: we all struggle, and we all have our moments.<br />
Try and cope in a healthier way. You AREN'T UGLY!<br />
Praying for you!!

If I tell you my honest opinion would you delete me comments??? Where have my clown comments gone??? :( I spend ages thinking of something interesting and witty and it gets deleted...

I don't think you're ugly either. I like your look and look like someone really cool to hang with or have as a sister. But I know sometimes, people telling you this is not enough. I have the same issue and all it's doing is holding me back. I understand why you cut yourself, cause you'd rather feel physical pain than feeling the ugly pain.

You are definitely not ugly. In fact you are beautiful. I would ask you out in a second. You have a pretty face and amazing body

You are definitely not ugly. In fact you are beautiful. I would ask you out in a second. You have a pretty face and amazing body

I'm no doctor but have had a long family history in mental defects, so far prozac doesnt seem to have done anything for anyone I've met. Also cutting at the moment, I know its relief doesnt last long but its better than nothing or perhaps looking at recreational drugs, though psych wards arent fun. Blegh, youre pretty and really cute especially in that last phot and the first one is hawt. o/ glove type arm things, I want to get black and red striped ones but can't find them anywhere atm and everyone is telling me its too gay :/ mehehe not that I think you'll believe if you dont believe anyone else, because I am the same :S

prozac blows if you really want get better meds! but anyways you look fine. im still in the i think im ugly phase but yea soo dont cut yourself its no fun having scars and going to a pysch ward possibly. yea no fun . gl

if ur ugly then ur ugly cant do nothin bout tht :) try 2 forget ur face

Is it possible when your looking in the mirror your mistaken sadness for uglyness?

You're not ugly. Maybe a bit adolescent and stupid. But not ugly.

you are way cute. i would hit it for sure. once you hit 18, of course. ;)

I don't see a weight problem, but I suppose it's not my body, or my place to judge.<br />
<br />
You look pretty cute to me. :)

You look great and extremely young to be on prozac. Also if you have an eating disorder and are cutting the prozac is obviously not working.<br />
Either you're not taking them every day or maybe you should talk to your doctor and switch meds.

P.S. If you need to talk to someone message me and I will respond immediately if I am online,otherwise give me a bit till I am online again.Ok.Peace,J

Wow.Hold on there sweetie! You look perfect to me. Their is nothing,NOTHING wrong with how you look.I am on an anti-depressant myself,and I must admit I haven't been taking it recently because I know my body and know it isn't working,but I do have an appt with my physician,besides myu dentist Too!! To make sure I get what I need for my physical and mental well being.It sounds like you just need a real friend to talk to.You look beautiful to me,is that you playing the guitar? What were you playing? Why do you need to "cut" yourself? Have you tried escaping by reading or taking a walk in the sun? You know what works for me when I am down? I take my camera(any will do) and take a walk to the forest and take macro shots of flowers,or of things that are beautiful to me. If your friends are telling you that you are pretty than you are,besides you are pretty even if someone isn't telling you so. Treat your body like a Goddess,and take note of what it is telling you and learn from it.Peace to you and your mind,Peace and Love,J