Ok, Now, Lookit...

Most of the things that we think about ourselves comes from how we were treated as children. I remember the first time i had ever had the idea what i looked like, and i, unfortunately, and very sadly, thought i was ugly. But i wasn`t! it followed and haunted me with every step. I hated the swinging between moments of, yes i am, no I'm not. I know that physically outside i am attractive, but i have compromised the mirror on so many occasions that its almost tragic. And it`s bullshit. And it is such a waste, people. Don't do this to yourself. please. Think of all the joys that you bring to yourself, and build on that. there is nothing worse than condemning yourself for fear of being seen. of being experienced. of being loved, trust me on this. if you wanna.
BloodRedTotality BloodRedTotality
2 Responses Aug 22, 2007

I know what you mean.

Ya, it is very important not to focus on the past or you may bring in to the present. People must try to look foward and focus on what you want to be and not what you don't want to be