i want to experience a life of a pretty girl.they get a lot of attention ,they get whatever they want without any questions being asked.i want that in my life.i want to have a life,i want to be invitted to parties every saturday nights.but that wont happen as long as i look the way that i look.

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iiiCe is absolutely correct. Please read what she says and take it all in. Also, I think you are very attractive and you have nothing at all to worry about. That aside, if I (and virtually anyone else with any wit about them) sees a woman with 'all the right' looks about her, and she is shallow, vain, contemptuous , or any other of the dozens of petty uglinesses about her, then she is just plain ugly, period.

First let me start off by saying....Real beauty is not physical appearance. Physical appearance is so volatile. It changes... A persons character expresses the true beauty in them. <br />
If someone likes you just because you look cute... then isn't it possible that they won't like you anymore if for some reason you lose your looks? Is something like that worth it?<br />
<br />
Never feel bad about yourself. The Universe revolves around you. You are the heroine in your life. This will never change.<br />
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Our generation puts alot of pressure on women our age to look a certain way it makes me sick. Might I add I have the opposite problem...I am judged on my looks daily..I am a very successful young career woman and I am constantly stereo-typed because of the way I look- as if I achieved my success with my looks. It HURTS and it's degrading. Girl...You got to love yourself. I can sit here and tell you the facts that you are infact beautiful but the only person who can convince you!