Im Way To Skinny!

My name is alondra and im in the 7th grade people tell me im the skinnest girl in the whole school it makes me feel bad cuz i look at other girls who look like a stick and people say im skinnier than them, And some guys just ignore me cause they think im too skinny. i dont know what to do cause its not easy for me to gain weight i try everything but nothing works:( i never thought i was ugly until i heard a whole bunch of guys saying that i was so ugly and to skinny  which made me feel horrible. some days i just wish i could die:( someone please help me or give me some advice

alondra302 alondra302
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I'm over 30 and under 100lbs- I've always been skinny...I can fit into a size 14 in girls.. and thats baggy. I've had teachers think I had an eating disorder and been called names by guys and girls because of it. <br />
I've been trying to gain weight since I was 7.. To be honest.. some of us are just built like this. However - it will take time - but I found that drinking ensure helps. Also for some reason eating pies help too, peanuts, bread. But only really expect to gain a pound or 2. You're still young though and I know its very tough. Some people hit a certain age and start gaining weight so you never know.. The really importantant thing is that you eat right and take care of yourself..