I Know I'm Ugly. My Facial Features Are Out Of Proportion Lol...big Nose, Blotchy Skin, Among Other Things

I know I'm ugly:  never had a relationship, girls don't approach me, guys/girls usually walk a different direction or put their heads down when they see me or walk past me, and only friends that I can rely on or call true friends are ones that I've known since I was a kid...my own cousins don't call me or keep up to what I'm doing these days.  I'm 25, very very lonely, at the point where even if i had a chance to be decent to good looking, i could give a shiiiit.  Here's some pics:







I can't believe people can be so shallow tho lol.  Even if it is obvious that you are ugly they have to be so rude about it.  I walk in public places and people stare and look, point fingers, kids run away(not lieing).  Heck my own roomate only talks to me in the house...and i've been roomates with him for eight months.  Do ugly people even have a chance at some social interaction, or it takes like an incredibly strong-willed person that is ugly to make it...Seriously, life SUCKS when your ugly, really ugly like me.  At this point, no matter what happens, be it a positive change, I don't think anything can heal the permanent emotional scars that I have to, and have been for about 7 long agonizing years, carry for the rest of my life...even worse I'm broke...been working for about a year, paying off school loans...ugh...i got issues.  I was born in this situation, totally out of my control...

And the low-self esteem, well that comes from being ignored and brushed to the side for many many years by girls, family members, and society in general, for as long i can remember...

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I give u the song of Christina Aguilera - Beautiful, hope u feel better! :)<br />
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Hi there; <br />
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I know how you feel. I'm a kindred spirit. There are days when I am so down on myself that I can't bear to look at the reflection in the mirror. <br />
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But here is my secret...fake it til you make it. Dress well, stand tall and smile. Treat yourself to a massage and love yourself for who you are. Oh and guess what - you aren't ugly...it's the aura you project. I've learnt the hard way that wallowing in self-pity won't get you the life you deserve to lead. (I'm trying really hard not to get new-agey on you...but it's true) <br />
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It's a struggle for me everyday, but I try to get in the exercise (endorphins!) put on the makeup (yes I'm a girl) and make sure that my teeth are as white as they can be...because I will make sure that people will see me smile (even though I dont always feel like smiling on the inside). <br />
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I NEVER post on these type of things and came to your page by Googling a sentiment similar to yours. <br />
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Love yourself first, the rest will come into place.

Are you kidding me?? I registered JUST to comment, and I hope you see this. You had me expecting quazimoto or something. You aren't ugly!! <br />
For real, I am led to believe the emotional abuse you encountered has given you a false sense of yourself. And has made you BELIEVE kids point and ran. <br />
You aren't ugly!!!!<br />
YOU ARENT UGLY!!!!!<br />
Good lord I wish I got here earlier. <br />
<br />
YOU ARENT UGLY!!! <br />
And what you call a roomate isn't a friend. I hope you find some friends that are true-to-heart friends. I highly doubt they think you're ugly though. <br />
ARE NOT<br />
ARE NOT<br />

Hey but did you realize that men dont reach their peak level of possible handsomeness until their mid 30s ? There is still hope for you<br />
<br />
If you loose ten kilos and get a more edgy haircut you would be a handsome guy, i dont think the face is bad, just a bit overweight and with no enough help in styling. <br />
<br />
on this one http://s914.photobucket.com/albums/ac348/guy1234567/?action=view&current=DSCF0812.jpg<br />
Just get rid of the double chin and you are a handsome guy so no need to put yourself down! take care!

see, after people see my pictures, they even hesitate to comment.