I Have Acne And I Dont Feel Beautiful.

Well, im still going through puberty (im only 13) but i have had acne since i was in 2nd grade. it started to get bad in 5th grade, and has been getting better then worst, better the worst. It varys, i have used over the counter, and proscribed medicine from doctors. i have used proactive, neutrogena, clean and clear, this one cream from my doctor and a pill, and i have used MANY other acne products. But since the ending of the summer in 2009, i started to get acne on my chest and back...very badly. i feel ugly all the time, sometimes when i look in the mirror i start to cry because its not fair that my friends get to have smooth beautiful skin, and im the ugly one in the group. you know how in groups there is always one ugly one, and the ugly one makes the others look really good. well im the ugly one to make my beautiful friends look even more beautful. i really like this boy that asked me out one time in the begging of the school year, i said no because i was afraid that if we would ever kiss his face would touch my acne, or his friends would be like, "you are dating her...?" and all that, and i was really afraid, so i broke his heart and now im pretty sure he doesnt want to have anything to do with me, and now im left to like him A LOT, and have him move on with his life. my acne always hurts, sometimes i cry from the pain it causes, then first time i realised i had acne on my back my mom had to pop the sis, which are very large pimple that if you dont pop they keep growing under your skin, and when she was popping them i couldn't stop crying cause of ho painful it was. at school now im afraid to wear shirts that will show a little bit on my chest, so im always trying to stick to t-shirts, or shirts that cover my chest. about a month ago or so, i went to the dermotolgist and got a couple of things. I got a soap for the morning (I forget the name of it.) and a lotion to put on afterwards that called differen, then for three times a week at night (Monday night, wednseday, and friday.) i use Neutrogena and Duac. then about two weeks ago i went to the gynotologist to get the birth control Yaz. and then each night i take a pill, its has been working on my skin but i want it to work faster, i want to be beautiful for once, and i want it now, i have been waiting way to long for it to be my turn, its not fair, and its almost summer and today i got a bathing suit, and if my acne doesnt clear up i wont be doing a lot things like swimming. i also have braces, and im pale, short, and stubby, my friends like to make fun of me but say they are only joking, but because of the little jokes and my acne and looks i think about killing myself everyday. i also have some family troubles to add on to it. so all in all my life sucks, and i want my acne to end before the worst comes.

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hey. im thirteen as well and ive been battling pimples since 5th grade. people made fun of me, teachers asked if i had some awful rash, classmates tried to count them!!! nope, i aint joking. it was alot worse then though. now the pimples are gone but i have to deal with black spots. im trying everything but i dont think anything will work. my friends say they make me look cute but i cant help feeling ugly as well. when i read ur post i felt like you were my twin from another world :P. all i can say is surround yourself with good people, smile alot and try to emphasize your better features. it gets better darling and i can bet your still beautiful. its opionated after all so dont listen to haters. take heart xxx

Hey, hey :) my name is Claudia and I'm nearly seventeen. I saw myself in this post. I hope you're not struggling anymore though :)

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Not only you I am 15 and I have pimples really bad and the only way to make u feel u is by looking in the mirror and say that I am beautiful and by also wear clothes that fit u and the finllay the only thing is look at you and say that I am unique

i have pimples too
its not really bad just a few here and ther but i feel the same way, my friends have perfect skin and dont have to wear makeup to cover it up
im also 13
i have a friend who has bacne and chestne
she hates it
but listen to me on this
the point of wanting to be pretty is to know and think that you are perfect with being yourself and wanting to be accepted
obviously u have god friends and people who accept you
we'll all get our turn
i hate being patient too tho lol somedays are better than most tho.... i hope you find something that actually works
ive tried all that stuff like clearasil neutrogena blahblahblah but obs theyre not good for your skin and truthfully they dont work
i did find something tho that helped ALOT its all natural
if i didnt use it my pimples would be alot worse... not trying to advertsise it just trying to help:)

I have small red pimple sell over my back and chest. Yet all my friends have amazing, gorgeous skin. I'm also the person who is the ugly one ),: everyone keeps telling me just to stay confident we'll how are supposed to do that when all you can wear are high T-shirts!?!? I hate how I look, just know that you not alone! :/
At the moment I'm using hand sanitizer, I know it sounds messed up but the hand sanitizer dries out and kills the bacteria on the acne. Just try to find a non-oil moisturizer

Oh darlin, I had pretty much the same thing. I've had to use differen and pills for my acne too. I know exactly how that feels. But I can tell you that while I still have acne, it gets better sometimes and I had to learn to like myself. It sucks sometimes but you have to love and accept yourself. How can you expect anyone to truly love you or for you to love someone else if you can't love yourself? You're beautiful and I know that because I've read your words and seen that you struggle and still push on. Don't let an exterior issue make you feel any less beautiful.
You are loved and you are beautiful

Im 16 turning 17, I have senior formal in 5 months, school photos next term and a sports carnival where they're gonna take pictures in 2 days. I feel so gross coz I actually started washing my face much better this past week and applying lemon juice and using steam on my face and eating healthy I am getting WAY more pimples, pimples that hurt too. And I have had the pimple scars since 8th Grade. I admit that I used to pop my pimples and blackheads AND whiteheads but even if I didn't pop them I got scars. I feel so ugly right now because I have so many pimples on my chest, shoulders, back and face and they itch and are red and huge! and they won't go away ='( I don't even know what to do anymore. I have dark skin too which makes it worse, I deal with getting physically and verbally abused by my mum and people are "nice" to me at school but call me annoying behind my back when I don;t even talk to them that much. I need to get good grades this year but I havent even done school work for weeks coz it's too hard and I just cant get my mind to it to do it. I feel so lazy and I think I'm an ugly failure.

I know how hard it is to battle with acne. I'm 17 and I've had it moderately to severely ever since I was 12. I'v tried everything, but it has gotten better over the years, although my skin is far from clear. The thing is even though it's had feeling like you're the only one with bad skin, it isn't true. You are still beautiful the way you are, and just because you have one little flaw that you will grow out of doesn't make you any less beautiful. Accept yourself, don't stress over it so much, and you'll feel better and not care so much how you look. People already see you for you, not what you look like. I know it sounds hard right now with pressure to fit in and everything, but you're fine, you're beautiful, and mostly you are not alone.

Okay, so most people will suggest crazy all-day lotions and weird unhelpful websites, but I have something actually WORKS that I NEED to suggest to you. You have to try it, trust me. I'm a thirteen year old girl too, and had pimples and acne really bad, and it embarrassed me and I didn't feel beautiful at all. Well, I tried this: EVERY SINGLE NIGHT before bed, I wash my face with warm water on a wash cloth with some soap, do NOT go very hard, just rub easily in circular areas around your whole face. Then, VERY GENTLY dry your skin, do NOT over-dry it, it'll cause irritation. Then, take a piece of garlic, (bare with me, it works amazingly :) and cut it in half, and rub it GENTLY but THOROUGHLY over your entire face, especially the pimply areas. DON'T wash it off until the morning, with warm water and soap. Again, go gently. With me, it worked really fast, my pimples were fast decreasing by the next morning, and now I still do it, and am completely acne-free. I started doing this like two weeks ago. You HAVE TO TRY THIS!! I didn't feel beautiful or confident at all before I tried this, but now I do. Please try this, I promise it will work. Good luck! :)

With the garlic dry?.......or mix it with something

check out this website www.mynucerity.com/lizhornaday

Have you tried accutane? My doctor kept telling me my acne wasn't severe enough for it but I wanted my LIFE back, so I ordered it online (I know you're not suppossed to do that!) <br />
<br />
But anyway, within a week, my skin was less oily and looked beautiful. It was really expensive though and I know you are so young. But maybe talk to your doctor?