Yes, I'm Ugly

People called me ugly a lot when I was in school and it's true. I became a lot stronger as time went on, it's difficult for something to defeat me. I'm older now and today I was walking down the road with my friend and I could see this gang of boys staring at me and I had a feeling they were going to try and chat me up so I turned the other way with my friend. Predictably, they started calling to me, "Excuse me, excuse me" and I completely ignored them and shot them a filthy look, then one of the guys goes "You're ugly anyway" and this made me angry because it's so disrespectful. So I shouted, "Why are you trying to chat me up then?" and he was grinning and following me and calling me "ugly girl" etc etc. And I walked off, really angry, really wanted to hit him, but I couldn't rise to the bait. This made me realize that nothing's changed since school and people still think I'm really ugly. I acted like I wasn't bothered but it still hurts when people comment on how ugly you are. So we ugly people, we just have to stay strong even though we put up with so much **** :(

Blaze86 Blaze86
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

From the picture you look pretty damn hot. While some of us are actually ugly, others have just run into some of the 100,000 idiots or ******** in the world. It seems like you are in the latter category.

i know how you feel. we ugly people put up with enough as it is . when someone calls us ugly , we will put up a front like it doesnt hurt, but deep down its like a wound that will never heal. we know we are ugly , you dont have to rub it 32 and feel like i will always be alone. no girl wants an ugly guy. sometimes i wish i was dead. sad but true. why did i have to be born so ugly?

Nah, they didn't know me so they wouldn't have known my personality, they just wanted to be rude.