Its 11:26 Pm And Im Writing

Well basically im not happy witu my appearance (surprise!). Im 17 turning 18 soon im "5.3 so im pretty small got bad skin and although i have had 3 sets of braces my teeth still look like they werehit by an 18 wheeler. i always been the "freak". I get depressed when ever im alone and start to think like right now where im in bed and i cant sleep even if my life depended on it. I feel alone like there is no one out there that cares for me, and that just well sucks. I have been told many times that im "ugly" and it doesnt affect me anymore simply cause i have gotten used to it. And that is starting to worry me. I stoped to care, and now u think well thats not so bad, but its a sense of carelessness that involves everything around me. I literraly stopped caring about everything. Its amazing how much other people can influence u. In school i put on a mask and pretend everything is alright then go home and feel like a bottle that just got emptied, and that day in day out. Then adding to this is the usual school madness i have 36 exams per school year so 4 exams per subject. And those are exams this is not counting projects and presentations. and that doesnt really help. I hope that my personal well- being gets better soon else well i dunno really i just dont know.

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id still love you...