All my life I've been with my family my grandparents (who raised me) always put me down and said how ugly i was compared to my sister and after awhile it does start to get to you.  I don't communicate with many people at school because they are annoying and stupid.  Plus, I'm only living here until I graduate in May and I don't want to have any friends here because they are immature and I feel more adult-like sense I'm raising a kid while most of them sit at home doing nothing smoking their pot.  So that's why I get teased at

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Trust me.. you're not ugly.. I think you're rather cute...and very attractive...

Thanks all =]

At least you are prettier than me lol.... Believe me, you are not ugly :)

Honey, every one has good things & so do bad things...<br />
But I don't think you're ugly as they say :)<br />
because I know that your feelings are the sweetest thing I can see in a girl :D