Let's Face Facts...

If you had to choose between any other guy in the world and me... You wouldn't be choosing me. That's a fact.
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Well, how? Everyone says to do it, but I don't know how. I need a reason to think it's gonna change. My expirience tells me it won't.

I'm an actor. I entertain for a living. Personality is not a problem. It comes down to looks, and looks, and looks. They are content to talk to me and laugh when they need ME to help them because they're boyfriends or their significant others can't make them laugh or feel good when they're down. That's when they want me. I'm only good enough then.<br />
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Well, y'know what, I make a lot of money doing what I do. What good has it really done me?... I'm only happy when I'm working. After that, it's just so easy to be happy isn't it?... Once you've got your life together, it's very easy to tell someone to remain positive. My uncle was a positive kinda guy... Even after Vietnam, he stayed positive. Y'know where he is now?... In the freaking ground. He always thought someone would come along. He dated... Women generally liked him, but none wanted to marry him. He died alone, and unhappy because he didn't have a kid. He had me and my brothers. His nephews. That's what he had... Even after being positive.

It would be more peaceful, sure... But the world isn't like that. I'm not quite 20, and I live alone in a three room apartment. I work almost constantly, so I can't just create company. With the few chances I've gotten, I've been rejected, even by those that know me... What other explanation is there?

it is funny you say that i am always told "living requires us to step off the edge of the world each day daring us to greet the sun life is a leap of faith <br />
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we need to remember we are all alike and no one is better then the other and you are good enough to someone patients is a virtue as my grandmother once told me <br />
so i learned to take my time i am 35 and finally have found what i was looking for i learned to not judge the cover you need to read first so each person is like a book look inside before you judge and i wish the whole world would learn that it would be more peaceful wouldn't it

Sure, you can be yourself, but no matter what, you're never good enough.

the problem with most people is they don't see the beauty that is on the inside and they are to occupied by the fact that they need to fallow others that is the problem being worried how we look for others is really not being yourself the greatest gift we were given and we should cherish that to the fullest cause the ones who are pretty trust me they have worse problems then we do they hide it by cutting others down and not seeing others for who they really are.