I Want That Scalpel To Cut Me Into A Perfect Person

i just saw some questions and answers about how being hot is an advantage. i guess i cant hide away from the fact since its true. hotter men get the money, women, cars, opportunities, friends, respect, and the advantage over men like me. i have been thinking about this since i was alot smaller and i might get some surgery to become hotter and maybe my outlook on life will improve tenfold. i will get things my way, on the ******* highway......

jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Is that you in the photo? Now it's not the clearest pic, but dude--damn! I'd pay money to look like you.

i want to agree with you, but not. we are beautiful inside. someone will find that beauty. <br />
we just won't have all the women money and cars. total debt dude. lol

This is probably the wrong comment to leave, but I feel the same. I contemplate surgery any day. I would trade my ugliness and sobriety for a life of gorgeousness and drug-addledness any day of the week. You can get over addiction. There is no natural way to fix your physiognomy. Please note I have not seen you so I am not suggesting that you are unattractive. I was referring to myself.