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To Ugly To Fall In Love.

I am really, really ugly. My mother was a beauty queen, but unfortunately I happened to get my father's appearance, and that's one of the reasons why I'm ugly. My older sister looks like my mother so she is beautiful, and sometimes I'm jealous. How could she be so beautiful when I got so ugly, when we have the same parents? I guess it's just bad luck. Quite an irony, isn't it?

My nose is huge and crooked, my teeth are sloping and warped and over all my features are very irregular. My chin points to the right, my nose points to the left, my right cheek is fatter than the other and the left part of my jaw is larger than the right part. I'm not deformed, I'm simply ugly. The irregularity of my face depends partly of a disease I had when I was a child, because it paralyzed the right part of my face. I got medicine in time so it's not paralyzed anymore, but the traces of the illness will forever be written in my feaures, perfectly conspicuous to everyone.

I try my best to look pretty; I stay in shape, I wear make-up and pretty clothing, I take care of my skin and my hair, but still, with my face, it will never be enough. I am 18 years old and I have never had a boyfriend. I'm not sure I will ever have one, because I never like those who likes me, and if I like someone, I'm not brave enough to tell him becuase I'm afraid he will think I'm pathetic because I'm so ugly and dare to love a pretty person like himself. I always feel ashamed of myself and I just wish I could hide my face.

Of all people, why must just I be so ugly? I don't need to be a beauty, if I just looked normal I would feel fine. But I do not look normal, so I do not feel fine, not at all. 

Jumla Jumla 18-21, F 121 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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I am ugly too.... Or at least my wife thinks so...she implies that I am ugly and she loves me too... I don't think I should be thankful for it. I don't want my wife to be someone who makes a sacrifice to love me... I just want my wife to be someone who loves to love me... I should have married someone who is as good/bad looking as me 😔

I don't have to see you or her to know that you have a wife who needs to repent of such thoughts, if that is true! She should know that of all the men in the world, you are hers! And there is no one that can compare to the one that she is with!!! I KNOW that no men compare with my husband!!! We have been married since 1998 and he is more handsome and sexy every year! :D

Your husband must be lucky

As is your wife. I am blessed. :)

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Honestly, who cares? I've never seen you so I don't know if you're ugly or not, but there are so many other things in life than being pretty or ugly. You probably have an awesome personality and many talents, all which will get you much farther in life than being pretty. I know that the right guy will come along and fall for you because of this, and see how beautiful you are in your own right :-). If you are confident of your talents and personality, you will appear much prettier to people and people will admire you. Stay strong :-D

I really wish to help yuh but im too weak, just like yuh!!!! :-( :'(

i am 23 yrs old, my head is big & my cheek is big too & i never had a girlfriend but when i was in elementary & high school i met alot of pretty girls who like me, but for me who always self centered i never realize that i should try and get a girlfriend while i am still a teenager, but it was too late when i realize it, My hair starts falling when i become an adult and i gained to much weight because i am too busy studying in college and i never had time in sports and exercise like i always do when i was a teen. Now i am very lonely, with my mess up hair, fat body, Big Head & big cheek, my wish to have a girlfriend is complicated

Honestly go to a rub and tug. It'll boost you up

I'm 40, overweight, short. I just went through a divorce from the only woman who ever looked at me. I didn't want the divorce. She did. I have tried about 1/2 a dozen dating sites to no avail. I'm very very lonely and very very depressed. I can't help the way I was born. I didn't choose to be a fat ugly little toad. I met my wife when I was 27. Never had a girlfriend before her. Never dated much before her. Always got turned down. Never went to a high school dance. There was no point. So what does a man do when no one wants him? All I want is one more chance at happiness.

I'm ugly, too, but remember that the most valued beauty by a sincere and honest man is the beauty within, not so much of the physical one- you are lucky if you have the beauty within...because I lack that. Because of that, I've never had a true friend, and yet the least a boyfriend, and all because I am antisocial, and not pretty attractive... Heck, once my history teacher had asked, when she was arriving at the classroom while some of my classmates and I were waiting outside, "Where are all my girls?....Oh, there is one.." She had noticed me only after she saw my face... And later that day in that class, all the girls in my class, except for one other girl, reported to the teacher that they were going to be going to be participating in this school event, that they weren't going to be there next time, so the girl that wasn't going to the event, who sat right behind me, said "So I'm going to be the only girl here?!".... I felt pretty irritated by then until she realized I was sitting in front of her.... But to be honest, I think I'm getting used to be considered a boy rather than a girl as similar experiences have happened all throughout my life... So all I'll be single for the rest of it. =)


YOUR ******* GOD DOESN'T EXIST !!!!!

@adiktus123, only someone who knew Him could make such a claim. Just because you haven't been blessed with meeting Him, doesn't mean He doesn't exist. So you don't believe in something or someone unless you meet them, awesome! Stop making such ignorant statements about Him because why would someone claim He exists if He did not (to them)?

You think your life been miserable. I have lost my job because I went off (vocal not physical) on a supervisor for make a remark of how ugly I was. There’s a limit of what a person can take before the lid blow off. I went to a new high school, met a friend. He introduced me to some of his friends and the first thing that came out of one his friend’s mouth was,” how ugly I was”, then everyone else laughed. I shrug it off, but it set a stage of want was about to come the rest of my life. I was called a few more times in high school, because of this, I never went to school dances or any parties. I didn’t date in high school at all because of those remarks. Every time I got my confidence back, there was always someone out there to take it away. So, don’t tell someone, “You need confidence”. (This part is for the females out there only. When your boyfriend walks up to a person and tells them that their ugly. Don’t say to him be nice, walk out on him. . That is the worst thing you can say because, you’re indirectly confirming what he said. You know what kind of person he is now so why don’t you walk out on him). You people don’t keep saying on these web-sites “what’s inside that count” because it not). I’m now 50 and alone now. Hoping the world will end because if I have to go, I want everyone to come with me. / To Smileymiley7 - what a great combination ugly and miserable but you got your health- get real!!!

Practice your smile love. Learn to accept yourself, you are here for a reason and a true smile is the most beautiful way to win someone's heart. When you have that confidence in your heart, your eyes will sparkle and you will be attractive inside and out. :)<br />
Also, do good things. Volunteer, work your *** off, write, paint, spend time with family(or not, if they aren't nice to you), SPEND TIME WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE. Go on a vacation go to the spa. :)

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I was like you at one time. I saw beauty in every person I saw but not in myself. It was really hard when I never was asked to dances, or on dates. I was always turned down when I asked. However I found that there are some guys that will fall in love with who you are, and not what you look like. I still feel ugly every day, but my husband tells me that I am cute to him, and that is all I care about now. You'll find your match, but just because you have a lot of no's, don't take yourself off the market. Someone will recognize you for who you really are, and will sweep you up off your feet thinking only about how lucky they are to get you.

You are basing all of your self worth on your appearance. unfortunately this is something young generations of girls(myself included) have learnt to do through advertising and the unrealistic portrayal of beauty in the media. There is no set image of what is beautiful. If you can learn to ba<x>se your self worth on other traits you have, such as intelligence, kindness, your sense of humor, you will realise in time you have much more to give and in turn are worth more than just your appearance. The love thing will come in time when you feel more confident with who you are as a person, be patient, and enjoy your life. you are unique and irreplaceable. x

Yep, I always thought I was ugly, but knew I had a good personality. I was smart, nice, funny, etc. I still think I'm ugly too, but my fiancee thinks I'm awesome and pretty, but awesome first. Being confident in who you are on the inside goes a long way.

You are only as ugly as you think you are. Beauty only last for what... fourty years then what? - you're left with only personality. That's why I think men are stupid when it comes to choosing girls because all they care about is the face and the body but in the end they are left with a personality worth hating. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I DONT KNOW YOU BUT I LOVE YOU

:( you know, there is a type of sickness that causes people to think they look warped and hideous, but they truthfully look normal. You may or may not had this. But I'm sure that you are beautiful bu everyone elses eyes! Its just the truth that the person who is most critical of anyone is themselves. You may see little 'faults' in yourself, but no one else does. Your outer image reflects the inside image of yourself. If you learn to love yourself the way you are, your spirit will be beautiful, making your outside just as beautiful. Love yourself, love others, and love your life! :D

You can't be ugly. Your words already show that you are a beautiful person. We all feel this way at times. Believe me , when you get older you get more comfortable with the real you .

Dont believe it, until I see a picture.<br />
Come on...You cannot be serious!<br />
I think, it hasn´t to do with you face, body and hair...its just your mind, that let you think, you could be ugly.

Don't worry - you're not the only one going through this ;)<br />
<br />
I come from a family where being extremely attractive is the norm. My father, mother, aunts, uncles, cousins and sister all score at least a seven or higher on an attractiveness scale. I however, was not born with this fortune. When I go out with my sister, everyone generally pays attention to her. Guys wolf whistle, and I notice them checking her out. None of this is directed at me. When I'm out alone, or with friends, none of this happens.<br />
<br />
Several people have asked me why I'm ugly when my sister is so beautiful. It used to hurt, a lot. I always used to feel down on myself, because I knew that no matter what I did, I could at least remotely attractive, let alone beautiful. I'm 21, and I've only had one guy ever pay attention to me. We dated for about 8 months, then broke up. My younger sister, on the other hand, has already had many people profess their attraction to her - once she had 5 guys going after her at the same time!<br />
<br />
I guess when I realized that I was never going to be as beautiful as my sis, I decided I wasn't going to spend my entire life moping. I didn't want to be that person who was always crying about how sad their life was. For a long time I was angry about my looks, wondering why I had to be the ugly one. I just chalked it up to genetics - it wasn't anyone's fault, and I wasn't being punished for anything - it was just the cold, hard sum of genetics, and it would be a waste of my time to complain about something i couldn't change.<br />
<br />
Instead, I started focusing on things that i liked about myself. At first, the list was non-existant. I couldn't think of anything. But slowly I started coming up with things. I'm a good listener, can be quite funny, and am generally a good person. <br />
<br />
I guess the point I'm trying to make is even if you are ugly, its not the end of the world. You can fall into self pity, and spend your time crying about how sad you feel, or you can just do things you enjoy. It doesn't help to wallow in pity - in the end it doesn't accomplish anything, and just makes you miserable. Sure, I might not win any beauty pageants, and guys won't notice me immediately, but hey, at least I'll enjoy my life. You only have one shot at life, and you might as well try and make the best damn time out of it. And if a guy likes me, and I like him back, well then, that's another interesting notch in my life.

That comment alone just lightened my day... Well night technically lol... And that was enough to judge that you are a beautiful, intellegent, and pleasant person! I'm that there are people like you in the world! :)

Calling yourself "ugly" only makes people think that they have the right to call you so as well. I really don't believe that people see you the same way you do: people know their own flaws the best, and so many others probably don't notice what you notice. I can tell you that I don't see myself in anyway how others do, and I believe that the same applies to you.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way though. :c

I have read things like this a lot of...but when they put pictures of theirselves to tell us how ugly they are i see that they have problem in their mind O.o<br />
im telling myself what ugly they see on their body or head... i think to send you pictures of me to see what ugly girl really is.... u havent seen big nose like my... all people telling me u have huge nose but i try to put a smile and dont cry...<br />
And you know what?<br />
u said that some boys loves u... U cant find any boy on this planet that loves me... <br />
BE HAPPY that there is someone who loves you... <3

I just have two or three comments, 1) from personal experience, women in particular are their own worst critics, and I've seen tons of women who pick on theirselves thinking they're too this or too that, when others think they're fine. Change your attitude, you (and we) are what we are. 2) teenagers are more sensitive to this than anybody else, your body is changing and it's a little unsettling to see this process, and understandably so. Let your body morph, it gets better 3) any guy who judges you only from your outward appearance is someone you don't want. Let them self eliminate themselves, you're better off. Accept the fact, too, that not everyone likes everyone, everybody has a preference, and you'll find your guy at some point, or he'll find you, be patient. You seem like a good person, and that's golden, be thankful. Hugs

One thing you DO have is a beautiful personality. The girls that are beautiful and know it, well... lets just say a lot of them have rotten souls. A LOT of girls who are beautiful think they can get by on beauty all their life when it is really a short lived commodity. About your older sister... does she take care of herself or does she let guys "help" her with things? Someday the beauty will be faded. <br />
<br />
Personally, I think YOU will do just fine.

I promise it is like 90% just in your head. Look at all the ugly fat dudes who get smoking hot chicks just because they are funny and do stupid things. You just need confidence and not care about what you look like because that's who you are. Who would you choose someone who is beautiful, but always down and sad or someone less attractive with a awesome personality? Just accept the fact that others will be prettier and live your life. Once you love yourself others will see and be attracted to you too.

Ther is plastic surgery. Just aliitle change to the better will make you happier.

Please STOP calling yourself need to know that your physical doesn't make up your total beauty...there are people who the world calls quote on quote UGLY and they have significant others, married, have kids, successful careers and etc. Your allowing the way that you feel about your own self, stop you from truly living your life. As far as your face, there are things you can do for it...if you want go and get surgery to try to correct some things or if not...accept that you had a disease, it's nothing to hate yourself over and walk in your true beauty because your definitely missing how beautiful you truly are. The fact that you've overcome your disease, your well and healthy and still here. Whatever hardships you've encountered in your life, you've made it through them because you're still didn't kill you. Please work on your self-esteem and stop looking at your mother and sister and hating yourself because they're a part of you and your apart of them and you hating yourself is hating a part of them. You are BEAUTIFUL....

not to sound mean Jumla, you say you want a boyfriend but the guys that WERE into you you turned down. I dont know how unattractive they were but a "begger" cant be a chooser.(Im sorry but thats the best phrase I can come up with.) Try going for personality wise more heavily than looks :)

honey everyone is beuatiful in there own way, but i know exatly what ur going threw, i get bullied so much becuase i am ugly and u no what i just tell them to **** off, i get called: ugly, stupid, freak,monster, curly fri-cuz i have curly hair, greasy, tramp. people used to egg my house and wright on my gate and house heather is an ugly freak and stuff like that, i aint gna tell u what i did because of that and i have had that everyday for the past 3 years and it still carrys on honey, i bet u aint ugly i bet your beaustiful, just egnore the other people, i have never had a boy friend either so dont worry, you are one of gods creation and everything by him is beautiful!, so dont let it get you down stay strong and put your head up high! xoxo

I really believe you become what you believe yourself to be. Stop thinking your ugly, find the features you like about yourself, and concentrate on that. You need to see yourself pretty inside and out, before anyone else will see you that way. Good luck

I feel the same way about myself, because I am just disgusting and sloppy looking...and maybe it wouldn't be so bad, except that I'm a cheerleader and so there's extra pressure. Everyone refers to me as the ugly cheerleader, outcast cheerleader, etc. I think you and me though we make a differnce because we try harder than all of them. Maybe it will get better, and maybe it won't. Being pretentious and "lying" to yourself won't help until you prove to yourself how important and gorgeous you really are. But I think the important thing right now is to let it all out liek you are, and keep trying like you are, but most of all...set goals. That's what's been helping me. Telling myself that I think I am pretty felt like a hideous lie to me, but I know that I control what I eat, if I eat, what I think about when I work out, how I spend my time. Loving other people will help you love yourself too. <br />
<br />
I'm 17 and I've had a few boyfriends, but that doesn't mean I'm pretty. It means I've let people take advantage of me and I believe I'm worse off for it. So don't let the whole boyfriend thing be what gets you down.<br />
<br />
A lot of the people who want you to do cheesy stuff like "just smile" or whatever haven't been in the same place as us, so if it feels cheesy and impossible you're not alone. Don't worry I've been there. I hardly ever sleep because of how I feel and wake up at night crying because I'm so far from normal. <br />
<br />
You're not alone. I hope you read this and I hope to talk more with you. So much love. <3

unfortunately it seems that being normal wont help you the only thing that will is being proud of your appearance and how you dont fit in with the crowd. be confident of yourself more than anybody else.never think that you're not enough and dont give up. because one day one day there will be a guy so unsuperficial that he recognises the true beauty standing right in front of him

from one ugly person to another, it never gets better only worst