I Want To Grow My Hair, I Hate Being Bald, And Lose Some Weight

Oh, how I want to have a razor straight hairline. I want to stop wearing glasses. I want a straight hairline. I want to stop having vitiligo on the right side of my chest. I don't want girls to call me ugly. Girls can be so mean. Why do girls have to be mean to virgins mary like me. I have never had my first kiss.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
4 Responses Apr 3, 2010

I am now at 275.8 pounds right now. I am still upset about that fat. It can have a real negative effect on a person.

I have been improving, My highest weight was 316 pounds, that was when i was seeing a psychiatrist. I weighed that much. I am so ashamed, wishwing. Very ashamed. I have been still trying to create a friend. I just need to motivate myself. I need God. He is my savior. I know my weight is very important, since Jesus, was skinny.

You need to build up your self esteem, you have to start to love yourself, you will then radiate that out and be more approachable. If the girls are mean, then it's their problem not yours. You sound like you just want a relationship........take time to improve all the things about you that you don't like, write them down, then tick them off as you do them. You have got to START BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. You need to STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN - TODAY! Your'e a virgin, oh big whoop, that goes to show you have self-respect, a lot of guys could learn a thing or two from you, as so many have 'put it about' not all women like that. <br />
TRUST ME - YOU WILL BE FINE, ever need a little coaching into getting you out of nerdsville, then I WILL HELP YOU! good luck love wish x

I just worry about those girls getting offended. I don't like girls getting offended. I am so scared of them getting offended. That is why I am scared of approaching them.