Likable, But Not Lovable.

I am a little different to a lot of people who are in this group in that i have no issue making friends and i am outrageously confident, it is quite simply that no one really thinks of me as a potential gilfriend. I am not a stunner by any stretch of the imagination but i don't consider myself ugly. I refuse to believe any one is ugly if i'm honest. But there is nothing i can do about it. I talk to guys, i become good friends with them, i can charm the back legs of a donkey but it literally never goes ANYWHERE. People have even begun to think i will be the first human to reproduce asexually (by myself). And even my Dad says it would have to be a very brave man to ever want to be with me. But then i ask people how i should change, what i could do to make myself more attractive to men and they say i'm fine as i am. But clearly not, as no boy has ever given me a second glance.
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4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

your confidence most likely gives people the impression that you are friendzoning them, and it is possible that they are incredibly intimidated by your confidence as well.

Same -I have guy friends but I'm inevitably placed in the "cute little sister-type" role. Everyone thinks I'm adorable, not attractive, girlfriend material. I know this'll be hard, but I'm planning on just waiting it out. Someone will come eventually. Just don't sell yourself out to make yourself what you think boys want.

Dont you worry, there will be someone for you. There is someone for everyone. Sometimes they come when you arent looking:)

Likeable but not loveable. that is me alright, i think i have a wild, wacky sense of humour, with friends and people of both seses that i know, but at my age, i think it must be the shear weatherbeaten craggy looks or downright ugly lol.<br />
I prefer to look at people's personality rather than looks, and although i feel i can communicate with the younger people ( either sex) i just think i'm not loveable at all, which makes me very sad. Suicidal thoughts at times, i need someone to hug, love, cuddle,laugh with, not too bothered about the sexual side to a relationship...oh how i wish i could meet a stunning lady just to show my friends that i'm not butt ugly and unloveable. UK :-)