My Mum....

Last night was bonfire night and it was awful still I didnt stop my family from spending an hour there I asked my mum if we could leave she then replied "why are you so anti social why can't you just be a normal boy" and that of course shut me up . My mum has always been the nicer parent yet she treated me as if I was a guy who farted while she was getting married. It works into a theory of mine see my mum had a miscarriage before me and apperently I was a "surprise" I know now she meant to say "mistake". I thought out of my horrible family exept from my cousin she was there . but I'm just a horrible horrible mistake
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1 Response Nov 5, 2011

You can choose your friends but not your relatives. Be your own person. Your life belongs to you and you owe nothing to those who dismiss you out of hand. My youngest son was a happy accident.I would be devastated if he did not exist. There is love even if it isn't immediately apparent. People do change but not until they are ready to. Hang in there and have faith that you are worthy,important,and worth knowing. Anyone who doesn't think so can wallow in their own miseries.Live like they are water and you are a duck( water flows off your back and doesn't even wet your skin