Nope, I Don't Feel Sorry For Myself

People think I want them to take pity on me or feel sorry, excuse me you're not listening. Stop giving me your opinions and assumptions and just listen. I don't hurt people, I always have the best of intentions. Why do people hurt me? I'm just trying to figure that one out. Why do people have to say hurtful things, or do hurtful things to make themselves feel better? Am I meeting the wrong type of people? But...I dated lots of types of people. In the end however, twist ending, they all do the same thing. They hurt me. How about friends? Ah friends. No one likes having me as a close friend. They get bored of me or something like my panthers do. Online is the only way I can talk to someone heh...and my family. Why? Why do they do things that hurt me or say things that hurt? Why do they all turn against me? I didn't do anything to them. Why would they do that? Maybe I am everyone else around me. But hey at least I love myself and i know i ain't doing anything bad or hurtful or illegal haha. I'm not an amazing person, im just okay. I'm an average joe i guess. whats wrong with that? I do have a weird side but come on, i think weird is cool =]

moral of story you should love yourself. lol. even if you end up alone and stuff, you should never stop loving yourself, we only live one life, why make ourselves miserable?
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1 Response Jan 8, 2012

better to be happy alone than be miserable with someone else.