Not Handsome Enough..

So it's been a couple years and I'm back here. I don't feel like I'm handsome enough for any girl I'm attracted to. And I'm too nervous to talk to them :( I just can't win.. I have low self esteem and I'm shy, and I know those are big turn offs, I just wish i could find someone who with like me for me.. I just don't feel I'm good enough so i don't walk to up to girls I'm attracted to because of this.. I mean.. Am I really that bad looking? I mean i work out and so i have muscles, but I feel that cause I got a little belly that it's just some super turn off :'(
mikeandike128 mikeandike128
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

You are not bad looking. It's a confidence thing. I know that it is a cliche that you have to love yourself first, but it's true. You have to at least like yourself. Work on that and the rest will follow.