My Problem

I have no problems whatsoever getting dates and boyfriends...

Getting them to STAY with me is another matter entirely.
sondosia sondosia
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Perhaps the men who are easiest to attract, aren't men worth dating. Before you accept a date with any man you should ask yourself, can I make this person better, can he make me better, does he have his own place (includes living with a roommate) a car, and a job. If the answer ALL of the above accept the date: f not decline and move on. These are non-negotiable.

Keep dating. They aren't all nervous twerps. Things will get better.

that doesnt make you unloveable it just means that they arent the type to love you it takes a certain amount of frogs you have to kiss to find your prince it will happen for you dont rush it because sometimes the guy's heart isnt in it but he stays anyway