Love Me... Please!!!????

I've never had a boyfriend!! And I guess I'm okay with THAT, but its the fact that nobody has ever even said that they liked more than a friend. Well, there was ONE guy, but he ended up with my sister. I never thought myself as being pretty, and because people have never said that I was before, when my 3 best friends (male) try to tell me that I am, I end up insulting them by being bitchy about it.. cos I don't believe them. I can't. I wish I could. I just doubt that anyone could ever be IN LOVE with me.
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Don't worry, you are young and it will happen! I didn't really start dating until I was 19 and before that I felt like the ugliest most unwanted person ever. My only advice is don't fall for the first guy who says he loves you! I know you are waiting for that and it will be awesome, but be cautious. I married the first guy who said he loved me and he was also the first and only person I had sex with. Now I am married 10 yrs with 3 kids and I want out of this marriage. I wish I would have dated more and had a little more experience sexually so don't limit yourself!

Be patient. Trust me, give it time and be patient.

Yes. You will be loved. You didnt say your age? But you sound pretty young. Be glad for that! There is sooo much in store for you! I do think you should try and gain comfort in our own skin...then u won't question or mock those who like you, silly girl :) If u don't like yourself you will NEVER appreciate it when someone else does!

Well I'm glad, thats why we are all here to help each other...... and whether or not you believe it. You are beautiful. Take good care<br />

wow, you sure put me in my place! and i can't thank you enough for that.. i am going to try and do everything you advised! thanks again! =]

Think of yourself as your own best friend, best friends are there for you always and regardless, they are your brothers and sisters from another mom. They love encourage, adore you. They lift up your spirit when you are down with a single sentence. Your heart is at home with a best friend. now stop and think of yourself as your own best friend, who loves you regardless and who never puts you down no matter what. Shower yourself with love and adoration, be kind to yourself. forgive yourself and don't hold grudges with yourself. would you desert a best friend because you thought she wasnt pretty, would you bring her down, and call her a liar. My guess is no you wouldnt. If so sweet darling why do it to your own self. Decided today to be you own best friend, soon you would be happier. And your light will shine brighter.<br />
<br />
A wise lady once said that people see you they way you see yourself. If you think yourself ugly, it will reflect in your attitude and will attract people who hold the same opinion. So i dare you to be brave enough to think yourself a butterfly and tell me if that doesnt put a smile on your face and soon you will attract people who hold the same opinion<br />
Take good care<br />

The first thing I'd have to say is that you don't need to be pretty for someone to be in love with you. In fact, looks are pretty much irrelevant, when it comes to being in love. There's only one thing you need for someone to be in love with you. And that's for you to have something you love, even if it's just a little bit of love, say, for bananas. There are plenty of us out there who could be in love with someone *just* because they love bananas :D