I Think I Am Unlovable

I have been teased and bullied by everyone in my life for all my life.  I remember i once said to my father when i was little that i loved him and he completely ignored me.  ever since then i gave up saying it and no one has ever said it to me.  i have always tried my best with people but no one ever wants anything more from me than help, money or sex.  i was bullied for 10 years at school and then i had problems after because i didn't know how to behave around people and i was teased by "friends" and family for having acne.  i completely missed out on my childhood and have never fit in anywhere i go.  i now travel to different countries hoping that i can start again everywhere and i can have a life but it is the same in every country i go to.  men never want a relationship with me, only sex and they just use me until something better comes along.  my worst fear in life is that i will always be alone but i just don't see any way of getting around it.

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

God loves you! How much deeper love could there be? And I'm sure He has a plan for you. With another 60-70 years on this planet, I'm sure you will meet someone. Or someone will meet you.<br />
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And when you least expect it, God's plans for you will be revealed, and whatever time you've spent unloved will be put to use. Either by you, for you, or to benefit someone else.<br />
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If you doubt me, check out It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. You'd be surprised how many lives you've touched and don't even know it.

You are not alone my dear.....For I am in the same club as you....But I finally found true love when my dear sweet Thomas came into my life.....I know that he loves me for me.....ANd that is a great thing...To be Thomas's Nana