Who Knows?

This is a bit of a pointless entry but will write it anyway.

Have been feeling really bleak over last few weeks, but yesterday something seemed to click inside me. Saw my new doctor but he was just as useless as ever. This was a good thing though, 'cos it made me realise that if I want to feel more positive about life and enjoy it only I can do that. No amount of pills have ever helped me before, so why would they now? (That's not to say medication doesn't work-it just doesn't for me).

I've beaten severe depression before and have had long periods of not suffering from it-have just got to realise that I probably will always have these patches of feeling like I can't go on-but I'm sure almost everyone has periods like this. I guess the trick is to not let these feelings take over and consume everything with clouds of darkness.

My life is not all bad, and is much better than alot of people have. I guess by writing this I'm trying to give myself a good talking to, plus leave myself a reminder of how much more positive i feel right now-just incase i do get these feelings again in the near future.

Anyway, for now I'm just going to enjoy feeling alright and worry about everything else if it happens.


trixabell trixabell
26-30, F
Jul 3, 2007