I Know I Can... I Know I Can!

I love the philosophy of "I think I can" and I read that book from which this saying comes to my nieces and nephews when they are young.  I also try to demonstrate this in my real life as much as possible. I have taken it to a new level however because of my relationship and his encouragement; for me it is no longer about " I think I can" but rather "I know I can."  I have this printed on a note card and it is taped to my bathroom mirror so I see it first thing in the morning when I am brushing my teeth and the last thing at night when I am again brushing teeth and wiping off my make up. There is just something about standing there bare and vulnerable without my make up and seeing that sentiment in front of me. Many times I start saying it over and over again just in case I ever forget "I know I can." 
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Thanks y'all!

Great post sweetie, Great attitude!!!!! :-)

Ok. Ready? All together now... :)

Hehe Okay!

Let's give it a "HELL YEAH WE CAN!!!!" :)

Thanks y'all. I know you can do this thing we call life too. :)

"I know you can too" ..great inspiration FG !! Thanks so much for sharing :)

I know I can too. (smiles back... you gave me one so I will give you one back.)

Great attitude to keep.!. " I know I can"..*Smile*

Thanks MT. Hugs!

It is all about the attitude...... Good for you.....