Oh! What A Two Questions.

When ever i thinked about little caring i give to people it kept me in two questions: (1) what gives me the heart to do this? (2) do people really enjoys it? I can't stand it seeing people crying, suffering or in pain of what i can handle. Not that i do it psychological egoism but of altruistic nature which i inheret. Nomatter how i try to run out of it, i still found myself in that behaviour. I am one who believes in utilitarianism, though when people takes advantage of it, it hurts. I am happy to see other happy, the smile on there face keeps me more happy. The problem in it all is that evil has not left the world but if you are good,caring and lovely keep to it atleast not just for your happiness but for goodness of all people. One good turns a good, so as one evil turus evil.
Goodwill22 Goodwill22
31-35, M
1 Response Oct 28, 2011

I agree. Especially with the last phrase : its because of it I am sure your life will be better in the future. And all the merit will be yours (as long as you remain a kind and right person ) <br />
I enjoy a lot talking to you and it makes me smile :) ( a lot :D ). It also makes me sad too because your pain touches my heart and brings back some of the pain in my past. (it's a good sadness )<br />
Thank you for being my friend :)

Welcome, it's good to be good friend.