I Love Complaining

My favourite phrase is stop whyning, stop moaning and men up. However, this does not change anything about the fact that I complain my *** of like 24/7.  I do this because of three reasons. First of all I like complaining (big time!), second of all  I am a woman (I'm sure whether this is a valid reason, but it sure sounds like a good enough reason to me) and last but not least I complain because I care.  

I care about getting a high grade for a schoolproject.
I care when one of friends is trying to screw me behind my back.
I care when a teacher acts like a pain in the bum .
I care when the guy I really liked decided to have two (!) sexbuddies and tries to hit on me afterwards. 
I care when my creameggs are green instead of yellow (because yellow is awesome!)
I care that can't enjoy a twilight movie without guys being jealous and calling it female ****!
Well I think you get the idea...

The worst thing about complaining is that you always end up in some sort of vicious circle. You complain, so people start complaining about the fact that you complain and how they hate complaining. It just does not make any sense? Why complain about the fact that others complain if you do not like complaining? Some are even stupid enough to start a discussion about it.. what a waste of time. Look, I love complaining and I am honest about it. If somebody else likes complaining too, they can join in anytime. However, do not use your dislike of complaining as a reason to start complaining, because that is the worst excuse ever! 

Sorry, just really, really needed to get this off my chest!

Liberty19 Liberty19
18-21, F
Dec 29, 2011