I Don't Want To Be Arrogant But ...

I don't want to be arrogant but I think I am an awesome friend but I don't have too many friends right now. When I had friends I WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR THEM and they would be so thankful and "love" me for like 2 days, when their problem went away they didn't contact me as often as they did when they were feeling bad. I am a human being and when it was my turn to be sad none of the people I "helped" was there. I have felt so much anger and so much pain that I always end my friendshios because of that, because people are not there for me when they need me but I am always there and it's not fair. Not everyone values friendhip like me and it hurts.
I don't want someone calling me every ten minutes or coming to my house everyday. I know every individual has his/her own life and their own issues but a text message telling me that everyting will be fine or that they are there for me wouldn't hurt, right? I am very emotional, I love to help and I hate seeing people suffering, that's why I do everything I can to cheer someone up when they are felling down. I am very caring and I wish I wasn't because people in this world don't appreciate that.
I feel pain, I feel like a fish out of water, I feel I don't belong to this world, for me love is the most important thing (frienship love, romantic love etc, you get my point) and I can't understand why some people can "forget" a friend so easily. When they were in pain I was there. How can they not think? how can they be so dettached to other people's suffering? It's so hard, I hate being like this. I wish I were cold, I wish I didn't give a "f**** about anyone. Caring too much about people and being constantly worried for their happiness it's too exhausting but I can't change. I'll always be there when they need me and I hate it
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Don't wish that about yourself. Just because they are fair-weather friends, doesn't mean you have to change. You are gonna meet the good, the bad, and the ugly, but never change who you are to spite. If I did, I would be the worst of people. Do not give them the power to make your heart bitter. Keep putting your heart out there, keep being a friend. Youll find a good one, or two. I've noticed in life, if you find one REALLY good friend, you are lucky.

its ok........... im proud of you.............

Thank you. I really wish I can find that kind of people some day

sorry to say that but.....the ones who do that , you can't call them friends cause they are simply not, they just people who knows you for only their benefits.<br />
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true friend don't do that they always stuck beside you whenever you need them.<br />
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believe me you will have your breaking point one day.<br />
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you need to know true friends , and when you do that you will be able to treat them as they treat you.<br />
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wish you luck :)