I often wonder how often does it cross the mind of those that are in my circle of life...the thought of caring. People show they care in many ways, & I realize the beauty of relationships...friendships or otherwise is how we all differ in our thoughts, feelings, love, care& hospitality.
Yet...having said this....I also know I think I care to much sometimes, I wonder if its a matter of wearing my heart on my sleeve, or am I just being to oversensitive. I truly love concerning myself with the well being of others...without reservation..I believe in building others up& I feel I know what is to be a friend. But if I may mention...without sounding selfish....I often wonder does it cross the minds of those in my circle of life, the thought of caring......caring that is, for well.
I have found in the last few months of knowing thinking of you,miss you, how are you,wha have you been up too, tell me about yourself& so forth..messages, have gone without a response.
Maybe I'm smothering them, I could be asking for to much...but I do know it has left me saying to myself...that maybe, possibly...I just care too much sometimes.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I know the feeling but, when we really care we do these things regardless of their selfishness. However, at some point you do have to stop throwing your pearls to swine, not that we stop loving them but that we will not be walked on. I have suffered from this all too often.