Ripped To Pieces

Every time I hear a sad song about love and loss, i feel so buried and alone. i have no friends, no relationship, noone to talk to. im not evan pretty. yeah, no one out there is perfect. But why do looks matter? to be the cool kids or whoever. it breaks my heart because im not who i want to be. why r only some peaple lucky? like katy perry?ITS JUST NOT FAIR pleas give me advice : (
zuzu12345 zuzu12345
13-15, F
2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

I know, society sucks. But that's just how it is. There aren't many genuine people out there. I don't have much real friends. I've always had really bad friendships. I try to be a good friend but people don't do the same back.. I have better friends online than in real life. <br />
But don't worry. We are still young. Things will get better in time. Eventually, you will find friends. You will find love. Just be yourself. (:

is anyone out there?