My Shattered Heart

Sometimes I second guess myself because I put my whole heart into everything I do.  I get hurt more frequently than the next person because of this, but I don't think I would like not being able to feel or to show persons that I love them.  That is just not me and I think I am better the way I am.

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caring is sweet and positive feeling.....u create it first in urself so u r in win win situation bcoz anyhow <br />
it flows into u "positive energy"

I am very much the same way. It always seem like I care more for my friends than they for me; the same goes for my boyfriend. I often wonder if I have my heart on my sleeve in spite of being hurt so much and thinking I had built up a wall. But I think it comes from the fact that, once I trust someone, I don't want to un-trust. I don't want to lose that precious gift of a good relationship, so I invest more into it hoping to give it life.


We love you just the way you are Fungirl :) XOXO

you put your heart our there babe! that is important. greater the risk, greater the reward.

I did and it got me a beautiful friendship that just never seems to disappoint me. :) Love you!

Thank you Rosa. I missed this earlier.

thank you

You should stay the way you are.<br />
<br />
It's an admirable quality to have to easily be able to put your whole heart into everything:) Showing people you care every chance you get could really change their life too---please don't change!:)

Thanks for your comments y'all.

" I get hurt more frequently than the next person." <br />
_______________________________________<br />
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Yes, but if you get hurt more frequently you developed tolerance for this hurt.<br />
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Those of us who don’t care so often hurt more deeply on the few times we when we open our hearts to those d#mn bit$hs who stomp on our hearts and have sex with our best friend. LMAO.<br />
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I think it all balances out. Bless you, my dear friend…Dew

Ive been in this exact situation many times in that i tend to see the good in everyone even people no one else would give the time of day for. I am protective for those i care about and always try to give respect where its shown to me. Im a believer in karma. If im good to someone and they dont return it then its their loss or if they hurt me or betray my love for them, well they will have that on their conscious for the rest of their life but at least they can never say i didnt show i cared. The real friends in my life know im worth their time and effort as i always show it with them. I feel you can never care too much as long as you dont let it affect your own life. Im a lover first and foremost ill follow your ( whoever is in my life ) lead on what level i show it

I suppose there's a possibility of caring too much, but I think it's a sad thing when people don't care enough. I'd rather get hurt than be callous. You are always willing to do what helps others and that is a gift to everyone around you!

Thanks y'all. You mare all very special.

i think you are a great woman. and if you love people thats like me and its a lovely trait!

Don't apologize for who you are to anybody.<br />
<br />
You can't change them they can't change you, have to be accepted for what you are and what you can become. Nothing more, Nothing Less