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Caring too much. I think I do that. I don't have a problem with caring too much!

As long as I don't become obsessed, everything is fine.

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Thanks Bob, it means a lot

I know that, you just have such a big heart, thank you

im the same way. i always give alot in anything!

Thank you for the warning, it's better to have a broken heart than none

I have cared too much..I Am guilty of that ...just beware of your heart

Thank you,

as long as pepole don`t run over you.and no,,there is nothing wroung with it

And I get obsessed all the time.

@ StableRedGun: Well spoken, thank you.<br />
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@ Fleurina: I strongly agree, finding the balance is the key.<br />
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Thank you for your comments

It's hard to find a balance between caring and over caring or as you say being obsessive.<br />
When I worked as a counsellor I cared too much and became emotionally involved with my clients to the point where I wanted to take them home and look after them. Not recommended.

i dont' think it's a so bad thing ..<br />
only sometimes when u care of some one , who dosen't desreve that kind of caring !<br />
cause i think some people are just jerkes , and caring about them , will make them even more jerks !<br />
<br />
when other peopl totaly , make us care about them helplessly ,, caue they are so adorable .. :P