Wish My Skin Was Thicker

sometimes i wish i had a thicker skin and didn't care so much about others. for one thing, i wouldn't have been so hurt in the past and i would be able to not get so stressed out by the drama of others. i would just be able to blow it off and let it go, but this isn't the kind of person i am deep down. it's a good thing to care, but sometimes i wish i could adjust the level of caring like you adjust the volume on your tv.

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I'm with you on that! I've never been one to hide my feelings and emotions very well. Wear my heart on my sleeve even when I really really don't want to. I read the other comments on here and I think it's true that sensitive people are the more loving, gentle souls. I believe this. But, to protect our selves, it would be nice to get some tougher skin. I thought it would get tougher with age, but doesn't seem to be working. :)

it sounds very good :) i might be tender hearted and it's been my downfall but it's who i am and i can't change that.

thank you destiney. you always have a kind word for me and i think you've been a great friend too :)

i'd like to think i'm learning about how to balance not caring so much and not letting myself get too caught up in dramas, both online and offline. small steps but it's better than no progress at all. good advice from the both of you.

when you're a caring sort, it's not always easy to rein that in. balance is the key. lampwick is right; some things aren't worth giving your time and attention to. best to conserve your energy for things more worthwhile.

i guess that's the argumentative side of me. i'll drop an issue eventually but i can get caught up in it. i don't really expect people to change their ways because of my opinions, but if it's something i feel strongly about, i make myself heard.

I've seen you a few times get sucked into conflicts you would have been better off walking away from. And once you are into it you can't drop it and turn your back.<br />
<br />
Some people who are involved in repulsive activities are best to just avoid. They are not going to suddenly say "Oh Jerrica! You are so right! What was I thinking?" No. They will be defensive and then the battle is on.

thank you for the compliment. i'd like to think those are some of my better qualities. and you're right about choosing your battles, something i'm not always wise about.

I hope, Miss J, that you can choose your battles. Some things are just not worth the energy or emotion to respond to. Like they say, "Don't sweat the small stuff". <br />
<br />
And the people with attitudes or habits that offend are rarely corrected by our disgust. Best to avoid them instead.<br />
<br />
But with that said, your caring and deeply compassionate side is one of the most charming things about you.

quietone1, you are definitely not alone.

god knows we all need a refuge from the drama in life, quietone. no, yo're not the only one by far. thanks mimi for your comment. there are some things i can let roll off of my back but i'm sensitive to other things.

I feel exactly the same. I was once told u need to grow thicker skin because I do let lots of things bother me.That why I found this site today because I wanted something or somewhere to take my mind off of all the drama going on. I'm glad to read that I am not the only one.

Great post Jerrica! I couldn't agree more!

soursweet, i indulge in laziness whenever possible lol. i'd sure like to think i'm a loving soul, forever. thanks so much, dearmonndt and faithgirl for you comments. i too think there is a lack of sensitivity in many people these days.

Keep in mind that you have no control over what other people do. You can't make someone like you either. I think it's wonderful that you are the way you are. In todays world we need more people like you. Know this, you are special and other people should care more about how you feel. Don't change



yep, some days the energy is low , and yes hormones play tricks on our moods. <br />
Noone can be tough 24/7. Each time there's a high, there's got to be a low. Time to indulge in a spell of sheer laziness, perhaps?

true, soursweet. i think something is happening to me in my old age though. i've always been pretty sensitive but as i've gotten older, i'm even more so it seems. maybe it's hormones.

Skin does get thicker though, eyes see clearer. <br />
If you want to help someone in pain (including yourself) you'd better be clear-sighted anyway.

i think it's good to have sensitive people too but it would be nice to have a switch to adjust it accordingly. like right now lol

Oh, I like that idea...to be able to dial down when it gets to be too much. I don't know though, the world needs sensitive people. But I definitely hear what you're saying.