My parents divorced when i was really little, my dad would come to visit me and my 2 siblings time to time, but when i was 9, i lost touch with him, he got remarried. I actually found out that the lady my dad married was the women he had an affair with, he got my mom pregnant with me, and got her pregnant too. He moved to Africa, with his new wife and new family, i was broken, i still loved him, but he never calls, never says happy birthday to us, he spoils his other kids, and never does anything for us. My mom was 17 when she had me, she is now a single mother struggling with 3 kids, its hard for us, that we have to ask other family members for money for new clothes, and back to school stuff, and i facebooked my dad so many times, and has never replied, he use to have me and my siblings on his pictures, but now there gone and have been replaced with his new wife and kids. I'm done with him, and if he ever comes back to america, and tries to talk to us or something, ill just slam the door in his face.
Cooltiger190 Cooltiger190
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2014