Random Bruises

Last night was the most epic fail of law school. After my marriage fell apart, I've tried to lighten things up by having a fling with a guy who like me... this was the situation where we play it up, he buys condoms at the duane reade, and then stop in some dive for more shots, but instead of an epic night of love making, I fell down several times in the middle of a questionable city... I have some intense bruises and for some reason my legs and *** are aching... which makes no sense. And so the guy and I end up in my apartment and I throw up for a while. Sex does not happen. When we wake up, we both try to wash out our mouths and go at it, but it just doesn't work. Then he tells me he needs romancing... so at this point I realize this guy is not in my apartment for a sex thing, but he is in love with me. And his penis is like the smallest I've had. Sorry, but if I have another go at dating, I'm not wasting my time here. Anyways, after I kicked him out of my apartment, I threw up all the water I had attempted to drink in the morning. My body was rejecting everything and I really needed to get to class by 1:40 and them make it to a meeting. So I dragged my pathetic body into the shower, put the water on really hot and sat on the shower floor, just letting the steam soak in and rid me of toxins. For some reason this works... I made it to class but felt terrible. So far the day was kind of a success but I feel like ****.
rahkeepschanging rahkeepschanging
26-30, F
Apr 12, 2012