I Don't Just Think....

When getting into a friendship/relationship, I would always say to myself, I will not give this person the power to hurt me, and over time, little by little, they work theirselves into my heart, and into my mind, and soul, and next thing I know, they are one of the people who can hurt me the worst, and you know what, time and time again, that is what ends up happening, is that they hurt me.

It has gotton to the point, where I know I can't avoid it, because I have such a big heart, and I care so much about other, and I let them into my heart, but in the back of my mind, as much as I hope, and pray, and wisht that they will  not hurt me, in the end, I am the oen who ends up getting hurt, and I am the one who is sitting here, with tears rolling down my face, as the other person is just sitting back laughing.

So now, when I get into a relationship/friendship, Its always in the back of my mind, that they are going to get close enough to me, and do what they want with me, use me, hurt me, and than throw me away. I have come to expect it to happen, because I know there is not avoiding it...

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Jul 13, 2010