Everyone Is Out To Hurt Me......

I believe everyone is out to emotionally hurt me, because it has been happening to me for most of my life. It seems like I have been attracted to dysfunctional people who have taken advantage of my kindness and caring due to having a gentle heart. There was a time in my life where I felt I could trust everyone ( including complete strangers), but now I don't know who to trust. Someone once told me how sensitive and sweet woman I was, but whenever I find someone who I think might be interested in having a friendship with me they turn out to be the wrong type of person. Why do I keep attracting these losers into my life. And after they had taken advantage of me and have physically abandoned me I still seem to want them in my life, but this is mostly men who I have had romantic relationships with who I become emotionally involved with. 

But now I have come to conclusion I don't need anyone in my life especially if all they want to do is take advantage of me and then walk out of my life. I always believed that people came into my life for a reason, but I have not seen why these people were coming into my life. Unless I am repeating an old unhealthy pattern that goes back to having dysfunctional parents. And that I keep thinking that this time it will definitely be different this time I will get it right. I somehow think I can make it right and have that special relationship I have always dreamed of having, but every time I just set myself up to be emotionally hurt and then abandoned again.
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5 Responses Oct 18, 2010

I feel exactly the same way. And it sucks. I want to know what I do to cause this? Why am I only good enough for sex or when there's something in it for the other person?

Unless you can pinpoint why you attract them, and see the pattern, change will most likely not come about. Welcome to the human race. We crave what ails us, we crave what heals us. We just gotta make up our minds, which one is which, whch do i want truly. One thing is that they overlap. Wierd though, wish i had all the answers. Best of luck sara600.

You and I think alike. I am tired of it, too. Email me.

what gets me is when the healthy people in your life turn toxic, the very people that you should be able to trust and rely on. wtf happened to them?

it's a shame when you've been hurt and disappointed so much that you come to expect it and aren't really surprised when it happens again.