There Is No Reason I Should Ever Change My Mind.

Everyone is going to hurt me.  That is just inevitable.  My heart is locked in a box, the key has been grinded down into dust, then sprinkled in a fire. 

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9 Responses Mar 6, 2010

It's not inevitable... I'm pretty much crushed myself but.. if thata how you'll always view things then u just myt turn a blind eye on someone that really really loves u and push them away. =(

That's not a good attitude to have. Everyone can have value found in them... especially you...

"Everyone is going to hurt me." Yes, and you'll hurt them too - the trick is finding the ones worth hurting with.

I suppose I will =]

You'll need a Pandora to open your box.

umm, if you're wanting to spam, you need to change your age range so people can access your profile. ugh.

did you see my blog about fashion

I just have to be better at protecting myself, I guess. My heart is fully open to my brothers and sisters, though, because I know they won't turn their backs on me.

*hugs you tight*