I Fall To Easy

i liked this guy every since last year. We just now started talkin to each other tho turns out he likes me to. so we have been talkin for about two months. We talked everyday all night long he is very nice and he is not like other guys. he tells me he likes me he acts like he likes me because he walks me to class and stuff like that. he also say he want to be with me and stuff. well why he wont ask me out!! I mean what is the problem every time he say he got to ask me somthin then i say "yes" he say "never mind"..... what should i do i really like this guy should i just move on or wait are what??
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2011

I think I was in your friends position myself when I was young and still in school. I would often talk to girls I really liked, but was just uncapable of telling them I liked them. I would do the say thing as your friend. Tell them I have something to say and then freeze and not be able to say anything, I'd just say nevermind.Good luck with what ever you decide to do.

It could be that he is just nervous or had something big happen to him recently. You should either take the initiative and ask him out, or wait for him to ask you out. It's hard to find nice guys like that, and letting him get away because you couldn't wait/make the first move is bad.