I can't explain why this is. I tell myself every time that I'll be careful the next time.

Love is just so powerful. I feel it contributes to my self image.

All of a sudden my world blossoms and my heart glows.

It's like suddenly you like yourself more than you ever did before.

Love is strange like that.

Can you blame me for feeling this way?
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4 Responses Oct 17, 2011

I can honestly relate I do the same thing and have lost some great relationship because of that , I also tell myself that I will do it different but I can't control my feelings. I did it again and I think I might of scared her a little we are stool communicating but it feels different. I hope we can mend our different feelings and truly make it work

Yes<br />
Because does not care about guys sometime:):(

Incompletely agree that being loved is so much better. Experiencing the exact thing now.....I love but it is not reciprocated....very empty feeling

Funny how I agree with you...I need to love as well...can you say we're gluttons for punishment? Sorry just a little cynical right now

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved