I Fall In Love Way Too Easy

Three years ago today I met a man at a halloween party and we hit it off from the moment he walked up to me and we laughed and talked and laughed and talked all night long.Things was great.The next day we met for breakfast ,first mistake I paid for breakfast honestly because I had won two hundred dollars for the best female costume at the party.The conversation for the first three months was mostly about his ex.mistake number two. I thought wow he must really trust me to confide all this woman personal business to me and because I didnt know her I thought it was okay and we dated always to places discreet and secluded and dark I thought how romantic he wants to be with me and only me.he had the candles and the flowers just the works well,after that first three months until now he as never paid for anything ,had a child with that ex and moved her and the baby in his home without me knowing and here it is three years later and finally just breaking up.Three years ago today I fell in love at first sight and now today im realizing I fall in love too easyEither I fall in love too easy or im just plain naive and stupid either way I learned yet another lesson about falling in love with someone who is not in love with you back.It never works in fact it really hurts , today im not sad or mad i'm just numb I cant feel anything for him or the relationship.I am blocking it out and him out from here on out.
umgirl umgirl
36-40, F
Oct 31, 2011