Gong Longjing Tea


Gong Longjing tea is grown in Hangzhou West Lake, Zhejiang province, China, where the city finds an ideal place for tea-growth. The fertile land, moderate weather and sufficient rain provide Longjing tea with a sound natural environment. The traditional method to produce it by hand has earned it high quality. So far, the tea is in the top ten teas in china and enjoys the China Famous Tea title.
  Gong Longjing is widely praised for its four fantasies" green color, pure aroma, sweet flavor and unique texture". When you make a cup of tea, the long-lasting aroma and mellow flavor will grant you a feeling of refreshment. What's more, the habit of drinking the tea is beneficial to the health.
  The status of Longjing tea is time-honored. Gong is meaning "tribute" in Chinese. From the ancient time, the tea is seen as a beverage for the upper royal family. Nowadays, Chinese officials often present the tea in the special occasions. The famous figures like Richard Nixon and Margaret Thatcher were also served with Gong Longjing when they paid a visit to China years ago.
  Gong Longjing tea is really a cracking approach to touch upon the Chinese tea culture. To drink Gong Longjing, to meet real China.
   Here, we also offer a fairly excellent tea set of traditional style to fit with the tea drinking. It is made of pottery. The delicate tea cups is eye-catching . The singular color makes it briefness rather than heavy complexity. The Gong Longjing tea combines with a exquisite tea set. What a marvelous match!
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