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Loved And Lost

I met this man on ep about 6 months ago.  He claimed to be a real romantic.  I am a person who has suffered so much abuse throughout the 36 years of marriage and even as a child.  Anyway this man, had me convinced that I need to leave my marriage and yes I do need to leave this marriage for my own sanity.  We chatted everyday, he was here for me morning, noon and night.  He called me a princess which made me feel so special.  He even asked me yesterday if I would be his Valentine to which I said most definitely. 
This morning we were chatting and he informed me his ex pulled up in the drive and he would let me know what happened.  About an hour later I hear from him and he tells me him and his ex are going to try and make a go of it again.  In 6 months of chatting with this man he never wanted to talk to me on the phone, I don't know his real name.  He had a lot of us out here fooled.  He is not who or what he claimed.  I had started to gain back some of my self confidence that I hadn't had in years and now he has crushed me worse then my hubby ever did.  All I can say is thank you RD for destroying what litle hope I had in this world.  The things he said to me the plans we made.  I couldn't help but fall in love with him.  I promise this much I will never trust a man again.  I will not be hurt like this again.  If I have to spend what little life I have left alone, I will.
teri58 teri58 51-55, F 3 Responses Feb 11, 2012

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Wow that is so sad, I'm really sorry about what happened, what is wrong with some people?

I fell in love with someone online that I never met and got myself hurt I know how you must feel. I know this will hurt you for a long time. Its people like him that makes it hard on someone single and really looking for someone special. He should not have led you on like this.How could he chose his ex over you A fresh new start, ex,s are ex's for A reason. You may never trust anyone again. who knows mabey carma will let him hurt 3 fold of what you feel now. In the mean time I hope you will be doing great and lots of love and the best of luck to you.

Thank you so much. Your words are very encouraging to me. I really hope you are right.

Terri, while the pain is still raw, there is not much one can say to ease your suffering or perspective. Yes, you have been dealt a real shi**y end of the stick here, and my heart goes out to you. This will hurt like hell for a while, but one day....I'm not going to say that you will meet a great man and all will be great again, I won't give you platitudes, BUT once you know what to look for in a man, the red lights, alarm bells, will ring out loud and clear, and when you can tell the difference between the wheat and the chaff, that is when YOU can CHOOSE who to give your PRECIOUS HEART and LOVE to.<br />
I keep seeing this quote around, and it goes something like this: If you have to suffer, choose something or someone worth suffering for. Take care my friend. I am here for you.<br />
Love and Hugssssss

Thanks Carissimi, you and all my friends are so wonderful to come to my rescue tonight. All I need is to get through tonight and I know I will be ok then. Thanks Again!