My Easy Love And Affection

If me falling in love with you was anachievment on Modern Warfarefor girls it wuld b the easiest achievment to unlock. If i c a hot girl i think they culd b the one for me even if i have barley ever talked to them. This often amkes me vulnerable to emotional problems. i often feel heart break and sadness especially if i just c that a hot girl who i know's relationship status is "in a relationship" i will become really sad. I am searching for a girlfriend and the right one and i wil come across many options in my time. Wish me luck
noahark543 noahark543
13-15, M
1 Response Apr 29, 2012

Best of luck bro<br />
It will happen eventually, just see to it your heart is in the right place<br />
(about what you said with girls in a relationship already, we want what we can't have right?)