I Fell In Love with a girl and she was not ready for a relationship so i told her i would wait for her told her how i felt. I  wrote raps and poems for her. Listen to all of her problems gave advice and said some really sweet things to her. and she told me she does  not like me the way i like her.

austinbourn austinbourn
1 Response May 4, 2012

well it sounds to me like she likes having you puppy after her showering her with praise and adoration without ever having to become involved with you. i dont know her so i cant speak to much on the subject but as an older woman 27. i have some idea and i would tell you that you should walk away if she chases you thats great show her how it is to want someone from a distance if not shes not worth it your young you have time look around you and see past the exterior to the heart of the girls around you talk to someone you wouldnt normally you might be surprised.<br />