In LOVE In A Month

I fall in Love way to easily, and then I seem to get my heart broken after I have given my everything.

However I thought I had found my match on the internet when I met a man who told me I was his world and he told me he Loved me within 2 weeks. I thought I was fast. But I fell fast and hard. He has taken out a 12 month sky contract for me and he has brought me so much stuff for my new place. However Monday he told me he was being posted to Scotland in the RAF. He wasn't going to be able to cope with the distance?? Its about 500 miles.

I was gutted. he had told me I was his world and his one, he had never felt like this before. How foolish was I. All because I fall in Love way to easily. Now I am hurting and broken hearted and I have never heard from him since!

loulouz06 loulouz06
22-25, F
Dec 22, 2006