No, i USED to fall...

No, i USED to fall in love too easy, or lets say i was falling in love WITH love, not the person. BUT thankfully now that has all changed, BUT like a pendulum, i now have hoops that men have to get through to then find a HUGE brick wall, so i do not make it easy for me or them to fall in love with me. It is not done as a childish *test* it is done, without me even thinking, as a protective device, it amazes me that someone has decided to fight the good fight and love me despite all the baggage and what this poor guy thinks is just ONE brick wall. I hate to tell him, because after that brick wall comes another and another. I don't quite *get it* as in why would ANYONE go through so much trouble to love me, and i have WARNED him about all of this, so i don't waste his time, but his remark back to me is .... *You're worth it*!! Lord i am not used to that!! I see a new Doctor on Monday and he has chosen to take the day off so we can go together and then afterwords have some time to ourselves. An incredible man, who i hope in the end does not regret his decision.
AlwaysRemembers AlwaysRemembers
41-45, F
May 22, 2007