All the Time!

maybe every 10th or even every 5th girl I talk to, I fall in love with... Luckily it is not very deep love (I might just think about them for an hour or two per day); so when I realize that they don't love me back I tend to gradually forget. But if it turns out that they have some feelings for me, then my love intensifies a lot.

I have only fallen madly in love with someone once; she never loved me back more than as a friend, so my life was turned to a hell for a year or so...

But now everything seems to be cool again :D

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3 Responses Aug 3, 2007

Well it's not love if you just think about someone..Thats just liking someone and wanting to be in their company to get their attention =) <br />
And after this if your feelings increase..than you catch the love feeling =)<br />
But this characteristic of yours is somehow good.. you are not afraid of loving someone =)

omg awwwww. sorry. ive been there and done that alot! thats horrible. i dont know how you stop doing that...

lol...that's not LOVE,I guess<br />
Just don't put too much emphasis on the LOVE thing,U'll be totally fine.^_^