Is It Really Love?

I am not sure if it is love.  I had a brief relationship with a woman.  It was only a month, but the connection I felt was so deep, that now nearly five months have passed and I still feel the hurt like it was yesterday.  Sometimes I just wish I could get over it and move on.  But this was a real feeling, and I can't rush my way through the pain.  Of course maybe I'm still holding out for some kind of happy ending.  I've never been much with relationships, only have had three and I'm thirty already.  But this last one was the one I actually saw in my future, like it was what my life had been leading up to, now what am I supposed to do.  Don't even like to talk about because the hurt is so hard, but I do talk about it and still don't feel any better.  Just part of life I guess.

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26-30, M
2 Responses Oct 7, 2006

Im.sorry for.u bro and I empathize. And yet we always hear of women and heartbrake.and theres no.good forum.or place for men. We get called whipped or stalkers or.insulted but a The worst part for me was I must have felt something that wasnt there that wasnt real otherwise they dont leave right. So now how am I supposed my feelings as the jedi say they betray me. If.its one.sided love then.afterwardbi.feel so.embaressed and.vulnerable.but.ur not alone.other of us.are out there but that is probably little consolation.

If there is a chance of getting back together, act on it. Otherwise, al;though it may have been real love, you should get on with your life! Life is beautifull and there are more people for you! Good luck